encaustic, oil, & mixed media paintings


picture (not quite) perfect...

Most of my paintings are from my imagination.  

And when I recently thought about that, I realized it’s not so easy to just make stuff up.
Sounds like it is, because you are free to paint ANYTHING.  But that’s a lot of options.  It can be easier when the playing field is limited.

If you’re painting outside or from a still life arrangement or a model, you have points of reference. Shapes, shadows, color, composition – all right there to draw from.  When you’re painting from your imagination, you have to fill in all those blanks. And often just getting started is the hard part.  What to paint?!!

So sometimes I paint from photographs that I’ve taken and really loved. Thought I would share some of them here to show you how they translated for me…

(I just noticed these are all encaustic, which is interesting because non-abstract work with wax is trickier ;)

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