encaustic, oil, & mixed media paintings


Explore the commissions painted Patricia Busso, a Boston based artist who creates vibrant, expressionistic paintings in oil, encaustic, and mixed media.  You can find her studio in the SoWa Art District in the South End at 450 Harrison Avenue, Studio 325.  Contact her if you are interested in commissioning a work.  She has also used encaustic paint to create cremation art for clients.

I have done over three dozen commissions and am happy to talk with you if you are interested in commissioning an original piece of work.
A custom panel can be made to your dimension specifications, and ideas about subject matter and palette would be mutually agreed upon.  

The project that was most special to me involved creating 2 encaustic paintings with embedded cremation ashes.  The idea/request came from a client, and I thought it was an incredibly unique and wonderful way to celebrate the life of a lost loved one.

If you would like more information on commissions, please use the email icon below to message me.

Thanks ... I look forward to working with you.