encaustic, oil, & mixed media paintings


Frequently asked questions about Patricia Busso's expressionistic artwork are answered here, as well as policies explained.  Learn more about encaustic pieces and commissions, including cremation art.

1.     How can I purchase your artwork?

Currently, I am living and painting in Italy.  I still maintain my studio in Boston and have a few dozen paintings there for sale.  Our building opens its doors to the public every First Friday of the month, so you are welcome to stop by then ... or you can make an appointment and I can arrange for someone to meet you at the studio.   If you see a painting in one of my galleries and it is not marked "sold," there is a good chance it is in Boston.

I also have a collection of work with me in Italy, some of which I am able to ship.  Please contact me for details if you are interested in a piece.

2.     Do you do commission work?

Yes! I would love to create an original piece of work for you. Please contact me to schedule a consultation to further discuss your needs and the process.  (You can take a peek at my "commissions" gallery to see examples of some I have completed...)

In fact, I was involved in a very special project involving utilizing cremation ashes in two encaustic paintings.  I believe this is truly a unique and wonderful way to celebrate and memorialize the life of a loved one you have lost.   A small amount of ashes would be embedded in the wax and, due the archival nature of encaustic paint, protected and preserved.

3.     Do your paintings require a frame?

All of my paintings are done on cradled wood panels, with a profile of approximately 1.5".  That means they have sort of a natural frame built in and do not require framing.   I have had some clients choose to add a shadow box frame to a piece, and they did turn out very nicely.  My intent is to have them ready-to-hang, and I often wrap the painting around the sides for a more sculptural effect.  But in the end....the choice to frame or not is yours.

4.     Do I have to be careful of an encaustic painting melting?

Encaustic paint contains damar resin which cures (hardens) the painting over time.  I would not leave an encaustic piece in a hot car in the summer, as it would get tacky and possibly stick to its packaging, but your home should be a safe place for your painting.

5.     How do I care for an encaustic piece?

You can wipe your painting with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust.  You can also use this cloth to "buff" the piece to a glossy finish if desired.

*Please note that I retain all rights to all of my artwork, including commissions, even after a painting is sold.  I retain the right to make reproductions of sold artwork.  The buyer may not resell or reproduce the artwork in any way without written consent.